Staying Fit Using a Treadmill Even in a Pandemic

Staying Fit Using a Treadmill Even in a Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has brought with it many unforeseen alterations. Due to the restrictions on movement put in place by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention a lot of fitness centers are indefinitely closed. 

This might come as a bummer for you as a fitness fanatic or a casual gymer. If you are wondering how to achieve your desired fitness goal now that the pandemic has kept you out of your favorite fitness center, it's easier than you think. 

Staying fit by engaging in physical exercises is important, and the restrictive effects of the current times shouldn’t put an end to it. At the end of the pandemic, you can either come out more fit than ever or have to comment yourself to intensive dieting to chisel out extra body weight. 

Well, I bet your preference is the latter as much as mine is. This article shows you practical ways on how to stay fit in a pandemic using a treadmill. The good thing is you don't even have to leave the confines of your room.

How to Stay Fit Using a Treadmill Even During the Pandemic

Treadmills over time have been one of the best and most popular exercise equipment for home gyms. Technology has advanced the features included in the treadmill to include screens and monitors that show you your track record as you exercise. Check out some cool and high-tech treadmills at The Profile Lounge. Here's how to keep yourself fit during the pandemic using a treadmill.

#1. Interval Workouts

If your goal is to get fit this pandemic, then you should try interval training. For the first three minutes, you could start with a run or jog, then follow it up with a 2-minute power walk. 

If you repeat this process a couple of times through the week, you're bound to notice an impressive improvement in your fitness level.

#2. Mix Up Your Routine

Our muscles adapt to a particular exercise routine over time. So chances are, as we keep doing the same exercise routine over and over, it might stop producing results. That's why you should add some variety to your treadmill exercises.

You can adjust your workout by;

  • Incline - adjusting the incline at a faster pace makes your body work harder.
  • Speed - your running or walking pace affects the calories your body burns
  • Time - changing your treadmill workout time helps your muscles not to get used to a particular pattern and inhibits muscle memory.

#3. Do Not Overwork the Machine

When using your treadmill for exercises, be sure to keep your strides short. This is to ensure that the belt doesn't get overworked while pulling your feet forward. 

You could also use a metronome as it helps set the rhythm of your steps. When working out on your treadmill, be sure to hold light weights or keep your hands on your hips as this aids you maintain a good body posture.

#4. Don't Set Your Incline Too Steep

While working out, be sure not to set the incline too steep (i.e above 7 percent). This is because you may strain your hips, back, and ankles. 

You might want to make the most of your indoor exercise moments, but you should bear in mind also that running on a too steep incline can lead to injuries.  Remember to alternate your incline, do not run on a particular steep incline for over five minutes.

#5. Try Not To Lean Too Forward While Working Out

When working out on your treadmill, ensure to keep your body upright. You needn't necessarily push your body forward as the treadmill pulls your feet backward. 

Leaning too forward might leave you with back and neck pains, or losing your balance. Do your warm-ups, and check your posture properly before you run on your treadmill.

Final Words

Keeping fit during the pandemic might pose a challenge to most of us especially with no gym partners around to motivate us. However, this should not affect your dedication to your exercise routine. 

A lot of fitness machines such as the treadmill can prove helpful in ensuring that you maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. The Center for Disease Control reveals that healthy adults ought to exercise a minimum of five days weekly for at least 30 minutes daily. 

Working out on a treadmill is convenient as it allows you to run or walk even while watching tv. As much as you want to burn as many calories as possible, also ensure that you avoid injuries by excessive and imbalanced exercise routines. Choose an exercise routine that works for you, stick to it, rehydrate, and rest properly.

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