Why Women Say No To You.


You're a good guy. You've tried to get her out on a date, and she's said no. You've followed up with texts, and she's ignored them. You've tried asking her on Facebook, and she has blocked you. Sad ManYou may be wondering why women say no to you. Well, it could be any number of reasons. But don't worry! We've compiled a list of the most common reasons why women say no, so that you can find out where you went wrong and try again.

You don't ask.


One of the most common reasons women say no to men is that they do not ask. Women are generally more passive than men and prefer to be pursued. So if you want a woman to say yes to a date, ask her out. Let's face it; they don't want to pay for the meal anyway, so the ball is in your court. 

Also if you don't ask, she will assume that you are not interested or even worst; you are to scared and not confident enough. 

You're not listening.


It's not that she doesn't like you. It's that you're not listening. All women send out signals whether they like you or not. You just have to learn the unspoken language. Smiling WomanLearning the keys to body language is key in getting a woman to say yes or just knowing if she is even interested in you at all.

When you approach a woman, she will either feel your energy and give you a smile or she will be cold and standoffish. If she is not interested, then she will give you a fake smile to try and be polite. If a woman is giving you a fake smile, then she is not interested in you. If she is interested, she will give you a genuine smile. She may even physically touch you, which is a clear sign that she is interested in you.

You're too nice.


I'm not saying that you should act like an asshole to get a date. But if you're too nice, you may be coming off as desperate or needy. It can also make women feel like they don't have to try hard because you'll do anything. Man is a door matI'm not saying that you should be mean or rude, but if you want to get a date with a woman, it's important to show her that you're interested in her and not just interested in getting a date.

Women are often not attracted to men who are too nice. When women see you as the nice guy they will put you in the friend zone. This is what I call the waste land. Friends are often the ones with all the emotional support with no guarantee of ever having a relationship. Do not allow women to put you in the friend zone. Be direct and let her know you want to be more than just a friend. 

Stop being too available.


One of the most common reasons women say no to a guy is because he's too available. This means that he's always calling, texting, and initiating plans. If you're always the one asking her out, she may feel like you're not interesting enough to her or that you're just using her for sex. Woman by the phoneInstead of trying to make plans with her every day, try contacting her once a week and see if she initiates any plans. Women are more intrigued about a man when it appears that he is not at her beckon call 24/7. It also makes you boring and less fascinating. Bottom line you become very predictable. By calling once a week it will make you appear a little mysterious and less needy.

Women are also more likely to say no to a guy if he's too needy. This means that he always wants to be with her, he's clingy, and he's always asking for attention. Don't be clingy, find something other than her that interest you and get busy doing that. Make her miss you.

You're not asking for what you want.


We all know that women are complicated. But the truth is that when a guy comes on too strong or is too pushy, it can be really off-putting. And it doesn't matter how good looking he is. Women are attracted to guys who are confident enough to ask for what they want, but not so forceful that they're demanding. If you want to know how to impress a girl, then don't be too pushy but rather be confident, less available and never put her first place. All the love songs may say to put her first place but this is a bad idea and should never be the plan in getting a woman to like you. In fact putting her first place very well get you put in last place. You do not want to be a woman's door mate so she can walk all over you.

Man up and take control of your life. Women were made for men not woman for the man. So act like your the catch and your the prize.

To help you get a better understanding of what women want, we've compiled some of the most common reasons why women say no to guys.

-She's not interested in you
-She's not attracted to you
-She thinks you're too pushy
-She doesn't feel like she knows you well enough
-She doesn't want to be your girlfriend
-She doesn't want to date right now
-You're too young for her
-You're too old for her
-You don't seem like the type of guy she wants to date
-You don't seem like the type of guy she wants to marry
-You don't seem like the type of guy who could provide for her and her future family
-You don't seem like the type of guy who would be a good father to her children
-You're not her type.

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